• 4 Week Meditation Course

  • Saturday Morning Yoga - Hatha Flow with Leanne Beveridge

  • How to support your immunity throughout winter with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Caitlin Harwyne

  • Lymphatic Drainage - Jill Griffiths

  • New Counsellor - Faiza Yunus

  • New Massage Therapist - Katia Toniazzo

  • Kinesiology is Back! - Jessica Frost

  • Benefits of Infrared Sauna During Winter

  • Room rental at Fairfield Wellness

4 Week Meditation Course  Face to Face

Tuesdays in July 6.30pm

We are now taking bookings for our 4 week face to face Meditation course Tuesdays in July 6.30-7.30pm. Please book by Friday 1 July. 


This 4 Week Meditation course comes out of the Gita Yoga tradition. This course is designed to help you develop a meditation practice.


You will learn techniques to enable you to choose techniques to help you through the challenges of everyday life.




Call us on (03) 9486 8382 or email to save your spot. Click the link for more information

How to support your immunity throughout winter with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Caitlin Harwyne

Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine can be both preventative and treatment for illness during winter. Winter is a time for rest and self-care in order to have energy for spring and summer, so we must take time to slow down and nourish ourselves. 


Some TCM tips to boost your immunity and health during winter:

  • Eat warm, slow cooked foods (broths, soups, porridge, and stews)
  • Avoid cold/raw foods and iced drinks
  • Implement daily movement and exercise
  • Prioritise quality sleep
  • Warm the body heat packs and baths and dress appropriately (especially the lower back, feet, neck & head)  
  • Regular acupuncture treatments

If you have ongoing immunity issues or a lingering cold you can’t kick, book in to see how TCM can work for you. Our TCM practitioner, Caitlin is available Thursday and Saturdays. Click the link for more information

New Counsellor

Faiza Yunus

Faiza has been in the mental health industry for almost 20 years. She has worked in various roles in the community services sector as well as positions such as a Mental Health Trainer and Mindset Coach. She has also been a part of the ‘Partners in Recovery’ program and worked as a Specialist Mental Health Support Coordinator within the NDIS. Her counselling practice has been online via zoom due to Covid for the past couple of years and now, she is looking forward to seeing clients face to face at Fairfield Wellness.


She mainly specialises in working with women who have gone through trauma in the past such as domestic abuse, difficult separations, or divorce. She also works with clients who need help with grief and loss as well as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and difficult life transitions. She is trained in modalities such as Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Time-line Therapy. Faiza brings in a holistic and trauma informed approach to her practice.


When not counselling, Faiza is a mum of two adult children and two fur babies. She is also a visual artist and loves to paint and visit galleries around Victoria during her spare time.


If you are interested in Faiza's counselling services, please contact Faiza directly in order to book.

Click the link for more information


Ph: 0412565844


Kinesiology is Back!

Jessica Frost


Jess Frost will return to Fairfield Wellness as of next Thursday the 30th June for Kinesiology.


Jessica Frost has practiced Reiki and Flower Essences for the past 25 years and Kinesiology for the past five, helping hundreds of clients cope with everyday stress, resolve personal issues, and re-tune their energy. She treats the underlying causes of a client’s issues, treating the person holistically.


Jessica believes that understanding the root cause of a person’s issues is the first step in resolving them, and she uses her treatments to help clients achieve this and then move on with confidence.

If you are otherwise well but finding it hard to cope with stress, pressure and life’s speed bumps, Jessica’s treatments could be just what you need to restore the balance in your life.


Jessica will be practicing Thursdays from 10-2pm

Benefits of Infrared Sauna During Winter

Infrared saunas safely increase your core body temperature. Maintaining your core temperature is especially important during winter when the days get colder and colder.


If you would like to know more about infrared saunas you can read more here, or give us a call on (03) 9486 8382 and one of our friendly reception staff can answer all your questions

Saturday Morning Yoga

Hatha Flow with Leanne Beveridge

Bookings are essential as this class is only run by popular demand


Class time is Saturday mornings at 10am


Hatha Flow yoga is a yang form of yoga which means that we move through the poses in an aligned sequence called a flow. It works through a series of postures to align the brain, the respiratory system, the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system and the seven endocrine glands. We combine these postures with pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) to address the stressors and tensions which causes imbalances and in turn creates dis-ease and illness.


Whichever form of yoga you enjoy, you will achieve greater flexibility, increased stamina and find yourself calmer and less tense


Please call 9486 8382 to reserve your booking today! Click the link for more information

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Jill Griffiths

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to treat a broad range of inflammatory soft tissue conditions affecting the body’s lymphatic/immune system.


Common symptoms such as pain and oedema (swelling) and fatigue may be acute or chronic. Typically symptoms present following illness, injury and surgical procedures.


Specialised treatments using MLD techniques, exercise and compression garments, collectively known as complex physical therapy (CPT) after major surgery and removal of lymph nodes are used to treat and prevent post surgical lymphoedema.


If you are interested in Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage please contact Jill directly in order to book

Ph: 0411 184 044



If you would like to know more information, Click here for more information

New Massage Therapist

Katia Toniazzo

Exciting News! We have a new massage therapist starting with us this Saturday 25th June 9-3pm.


Katia specialised in Remedial massage and is now taking bookings via our online form, as well as via email or phone.


Keep an eye on our website and our socials for more information about Katia and other new exciting changes at Fairfield Wellness


Facebook: Fairfield Wellness

Instagram: wellness.fairfield

Room Rental

Fairfield Wellness is offering rooms for rent for allied health practitioners. At Fairfield Wellness we currently offer chiropractic, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage, myotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Psychology.


All of our rooms can be set up for your needs and have sinks for hygiene purposes.  These spaces would be perfect for Integrative GPs and other allied health practitioners like podiatrists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists etc.


We offer flexibility with half and full day rates, for a few days or all week and our facilities include:

  • Beautifully designed clinic
  • Yoga and pilates studio on-site
  • Infrared sauna on-site
  • Located on a busy street with excellent street exposure
  • In-house referrals
  • Room rental is flexible, half day or full day for a few days per week or all week.
  • High speed internet
  • Administration services if desired.
  • Website presence and social media
  • Spacious light-filled waiting areas

We are located on a busy main street of Fairfield and are open 6 days per week (Monday – Saturday) with reception.


Please see our website or give us a call on (03) 9486 8382 for more information about what we are about and what we currently offer.


We look forward to speaking with you about what we have to offer.