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4 Week Face to Face Meditation Course
Tuesdays in September 6:30pm

We are still taking bookings for our 4 week face to face Meditation course Tuesdays in September 6.30-7.30pm. 




This 4 Week Meditation course comes out of the Gita Yoga tradition. This course is designed to help you develop a meditation practice.


You will learn techniques to enable you to choose techniques to help you through the challenges of everyday life.


Call us on (03) 9486 8382 or email to save your spot. 


Now only $120 for the full 4 week course!!!

Meditation: Energy Centre Breathing Exercise & Visualisation 

In yogic anatomy there are said to be 7 energy centres which underly the major nerve plexuses in the body. These are much like the meridians of the Chinese Medicine System that flow throughout the body via channels or nadis so-called in yoga. These major centres also inform the major endocrine or hormone producing glands so we have two lines of energy in the body - one is the nervous system which houses the consciousness and the other is the blood stream through which the life energy flows.

click here for breathing exercise instructions

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Jill Griffiths

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to treat a broad range of inflammatory soft tissue conditions affecting the body’s lymphatic/immune system.


Common symptoms such as pain and oedema (swelling) and FATIGUE may be acute or chronic. Typically symptoms present following illness, injury and surgical procedures.


Specialised treatments using MLD techniques, exercise and compression garments, collectively known as complex physical therapy (CPT) after major surgery and removal of lymph nodes are used to treat and prevent post surgical lymphoedema.




If you are interested in Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage please contact Jill directly in order to book

Ph: 0411 184 044